Roar into Africa Safari's

Adventure Mobile

Camping in the wilds of Africa is an experience like no other and with Matt there to guide you it will be a truly memorable occasion. Nothing will awaken all of your senses like immersing yourself into the wildest places on earth.

A mobile safari is without doubt the best way to experience Africa in its rawest form. Not only do you get to see Africa but on an adventure mobile safari you will smell, hear and feel Africa.

On an adventure like this you will be travelling in a 4x4 vehicle that comes fully equipped to deal with anything and everything the African bush may throw at you.

Your vehicle will also double as your home. Coming equipped with a fridge freezer and plenty of storage for all the essentials, all you have to do once you arrive in camp is pop open your rooftop tent, sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere around the camp fire while Matt prepares your gin and tonic.

The route for your mobile safari will all be planned with Matt well in advance of your departure, so all that is left for you to do is climb aboard and take in all Africa has to offer.